nzxt documentation


A page is a zheleznaya component exported from a .tsx file in the pages directory. Each page routing is filename based.

Routing generation

You can create page routing by pages directory tree. If you create pages like below,

└── pages
    ├── foo.tsx
    ├── index.tsx
    └── bar
        ├── foo.tsx
        └── index.tsx

Then nzxt create routing like below.

  • / renders ./pages/index.tsx
  • /foo renders ./pages/foo.tsx
  • /bar renders ./pages/bar/index.tsx
  • /bar/foo renders ./pages/bar/foo.tsx

To learn more about filename based routing, check the Routing


By default, nzxt pre-renders every page. This means that nzxt generates rendered html with for each page on server side, not only client side rendering. This is good at SEO and user experience improvement.


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